Building a care home for the veteran service dogs

Project is scheduled to start in 2025

The everyday life of the army and the police can no longer be imagined without dogs, people’s best friends. The main tasks of military dogs include searching for ammunition, explosives and weapons and taking care of the safety of officials at various meetings and events. After the termination of the military service of dogs, the question arises, what to do with the four-legged friend after it has served honourably in the military and is supposed to retire for a well-deserved rest?

The Cynology Support Fund (CSF) aims to establish a care home for veteran military service dogs that could care for and train up to 50 former service dogs. After the heroic and selfless military service of dogs, an important task is to integrate them into the civilian environment and to provide them with veterinary assistance so that they can find their true homes. Dogs are trained for a specific owner or family, and the training lasts as long as necessary.

As veteran military service dogs need special integration and care to become loving and loyal home and family pets, CSF in cooperation with lecturers and students from Latvian Maritime Academy has already started work on the manufacture of smart kennels, which will be equipped with extended monitoring options by attracting ERDF funding.

One of the best ways how you can also help former military service dogs is to support the establishment of a care home for veteran service dogs with a donation. Your support will allow us to set up temporary homes for former military dogs, which for various reasons cannot yet be homed to families.

Thank you for caring about the fate of former military service dogs!!

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