Training German shepherds for military purposes in Ukraine

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The Russian army's attack in Ukraine has left no one indifferent. Many people are now trying to support Ukraine as much as they can. After reading a moving article about Patron, a dog who is not only an expert in mine detection but also possibly Ukraine's smallest fighter, we got so inspired, that we decided to launch a new project – training German shepherds for military purposes in Ukraine.

A project of the Cynology Support Foundation (Kinoloģijas atbalsta fonds – KAF) and Soleko SIA dog kennel is the training of German shepherd dogs for military purpose in Ukraine. The project aims at training 40 German shepherd puppies to become mine finders, so that after 2-3 years of training, 20 of the most professional, intelligent and experienced dogs could be successfully sent to Ukraine for military use – to help detect mines, this service will be needed in Ukraine for many years to come. Puppy training is a time consuming and complex process that requires a very attentive, patient and professional approach. Each puppy has a different skill level, so training tasks are tailored to each dog's individual abilities, gradually increasing in difficulty. Training each puppy by a professional cynologist costs around €12,000 to €15,000. It is planned to train up to 40 puppies within 3 years, which will cost around €480,000. Investment in infrastructure, kennels, fencing, training grounds and other equipment: around €100,000. The total cost of the project is about €600 000. These costs also include salaries and taxes for Ukrainian and Latvian experts and accommodation of Ukrainian experts in Latvia. It is planned to select 20 best dogs from 40 trained ones – to go to Ukraine together with the Ukrainian specialists that were trained in Latvia.

The project began in 2020, when Soleko SIA purchased three German Shepherd puppies: Esme von Arlett, Ewa von Arlett and Via v.d. Noriswand.

Initially Soleko SIA was planning to build a commercial kennel, but after seeing the war crimes of Russia in the neighbouring country, it was decided to support our neighbours, Ukrainians, in their struggle for the freedom of Europe, Latvia and democracy in the world in the long term. Therefore Soleko SIA, joining forces with the Cynology Support Fund, and attracting sponsors from all over the world, decided to launch this 3-year assistance programme to Ukraine.

By the end of 2023, the dogs will have completed their final two years of training, at which point they will be ready for selection and the first puppies will be able to meet their cynologists.

Whether you like dogs or not, one potential way to help Ukraine is to financially support, donate to the training of puppies for the army, which will save the lives of many people who may be at risk of being killed by mines explosions for a long period of time.

Thank you for your concern for training puppies for the military needs in Ukraine!

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